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Image by Sandi Benedicta

Why do
people seek
permanent jewelry?

Besides the effortless feel of the jewelry (I know I know, we've said it several times before) there are so many reasons you may desire permanent jewelry. Many do so in celebration or for remembrance of different life events. Here are a few of our favorite ways we have provided permanent jewelry for our guests: 

  • Birthdays 

  • Anniversaries

  • Bridal parties (we LOVE this)

  • Graduations

  • Going away / long distance remembrance pieces 

  • Bestie friendship bracelets

  • Mother's Day

  • The new "promise ring"

  • Birth of a child

  • Milestone

  • Sentimental moment

  • Sustainability

  • Self love

What are the chains made of?

All chains are fine or demi-fine jewelry. No tarnishing or lost of luster with very little care. This is the purpose behind permanent jewelry - it's jewelry that goes everywhere you go.

What does
"permanent jewelry"

Each chain of your choice is cut to your exact/desired measurements (wrist, ankle, neck) and secured with a solid gold or white gold ring that is welded with a small zap. This leaves you with a clasp-less piece that is light and airy yet strong enough for daily wear. However, being permanent does not mean indestructible. Fine and demi-fine jewelry has it's limits. It all depends on your lifestyle. For many, a chain can last a lifetime...or however long you wish.

Can I take 
it off?

Chains can be easily removed at any time you desire. To remove your jewelry piece you can cut your connecting O ring with scissors. Save your chain to be re-attached at a later time. Fees may apply.

Do you feel
the zap?

No! There is no sensation at all. A small piece of leather is placed between your skin and the welder just for extra measure. the "zap" takes a split second before creating a permanent bond in the connection ring.

What is the 
process like?

The longest part of the process is deciding which chain (or chains) you love the most! Once picked, we take payment via Square with a debit or credit card. Sorry, no cash or checks. We then proceed to cut your chain(s) to size. This means your bracelet(s)/anklet(s)/necklace(s) are final sale. The welding itself takes less than a second. You will fall in love, we promise!

What if I change
my mind?

We are so sorry but sales are final. Be careful to love your pieces(s) when you are selecting. 

What happens if my
jewelry comes off
but I want to put it back on?

If for any reason your jewelry comes off or you have removed it, the first reattachment is free. For any reattachments to follow it is a $10 fee. Before your reattachment service just place your jewelry in the pouch provided. You can send us a message on instagram or by email to find the nearest pop-up event for your reattachment service. Reattachment services are by pop-up only. If your piece is stretched out or not in the original condition, a new chain will need to be purchased. 

Who can get 
permanent jewelry?

We are happy to provide welded jewelry to children 6 years and older with parental consent (who is present at the time of the welding service). Adults of all ages absolutely love this service and we look foward to providing it to you.

How do I get linked by Napora?

We have many great ways to get linked. Napora is primarily a POP-UP business which means we collaborate with local businesses and events to bring this service to you.

The best way to "stay in the know" is by following our instagram @naporajewelry for our pop-up schedule and locations. We currently serve Camas, Vancouver, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, Woodland, Kalama, Longview, WA and surrounding areas.  Please contact us if you have a special request outside of these areas. Traveling fee may apply.

We also book PRIVATE GATHERINGS where we come to you. This service is perfect for so many of life's celebrations - birthdays, bridal parties, Mother's Day, graduation, holiday gatherings and more. To host, we require a minimum of (4) participating people who will be getting linked. That's it! No additional fees, no hidden cost to host. Bonus - host gets 20% off (1) item


In all honesty, having an impromptu gathering with good friends eating great food and enjoying delicious drinks is a perfect reason to host a Napora event. Seriously, it's the best!

Image by Max Ducourneau
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