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Are you looking to host an event for your business and want to bring in additional traffic?

Let's collaborate! 

Our favorite part about being in this industry is working with local businesses in the area. This is an amazing way to increase traffic flow to an event as permanent jewelry has become so well known and sought after. 

Napora's previous collaborations include - hair salons, med spas, pottery shops, wedding venues, clothing stores, jewelry boutiques, coffee shops, grand openings, holiday events and more.  


Our team would love to hear about your event! Fill out the questionnaire below with the best way to contact you. You can also send a private message on our Instagram.  A team member will get back to you shortly.

Please refer to our FAQ's page to learn more about the process.

Collaborating is at no cost to you as this benefits both businesses. As part of the collaboration, Napora will advertise your event through instagram with a static post as well as a story to increase event traffic. Our graphic design team is great at making these advertisements. At the event, each guest is booked at 15-20 minute intervals. Our team has over 2 decades of high level customer service skills to help create a memorable experience for your customers/clients. There is absolutely no limit to how many Napora permanent jewelry events you can host. The more the merrier! We thoroughly look forward to working with local businesses as part of supporting our community.   

Our team comes fully prepared to serve your guests including a folding table, chairs, white linens, machinery, a selection of our fine and femi-fine jewelry and our sidewalk signage to bring awareness to the event. We are more than happy to use existing tables and chairs at your request. Our goal is to blend seamlessly within your facility.

Let’s Work Together

If you would like more information, please fill out the form below.

If you are ready to book you can head over to our "book online" tab.

Thanks for submitting!
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